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Heart signs adorning lampposts around Downingtown, Pa.

Put your love on display in the heart of town!

Downingtown’s Good Neighbor Day is about bringing the community together for a fun-filled holiday while supporting our local Fire & EMS companies. Here’s your chance to show your love or gratitude for a business, organization or person in the community!

The week before and after July 4th, the streets of Downingtown will be filled with Love for its community. Large red hearts will hang from the lampposts. Messages will be short and we’ve provided some templates to choose from and suggestions for you to help you decide. Hearts purchased to cheer on runners in the GND Run for Life Races will be hung along the race route (while supplies last).

Most lampposts are on Lancaster Avenue from the train station to Green Street; with others on Green Street, Pennsylvania Ave and in Kerr Park (on the log cabin side).

The Thorndale-Downingtown Rotary Club has been wanting to bring the community together in a new way. While researching fundraising ideas, the club learned about its Penn Square Lancaster Rotary friends heart project and hoped that it could do something similar one day. The idea seemed to fit our community so well, as the businesses and members of this community LOVE the Downingtown Area. And since love knows no bounds, the club hopes to spread the love into Thorndale as well, but that all depends on your support of the project.

And if you’re wondering why they aren’t doing this for Valentine’s Day instead… The Rotary club wanted to leverage an event where our community is out enjoying themselves in the heart of town, walking/running the streets. So people have a minute to take notice. Not to mention, why not display the love now (when it’s warmer outside)!?

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Runner templates will be hung on the race course (while supplies last).

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Available Sign Templates

Below are the six (6) available sign templates which you can buy in support of your favorite runner.